Here's what I've been working on

ARTZPhilly Mobile | 2022

A custom app designed for ARTZ Philedalphia, a non-profit that connects people living with dementia to free arts programs in the city. Deployed on Apple and Google Play stores.

ScuffedMDB | 2022

A simple movie databse website with keyword and favoriting functionality. Movie data taken from the OMDB API. Utilizes express and websockets for backend functionality.

CAN Motor Wizard | 2022

CAN based motor test gui compatible with nucleo and built using PySerial. Currently in use at the hardware department of Nimble AI as a trouble shooting aid.

Simplenet | 2020

A basic neural network proof of concept written in Java. Able to learn boolean operators and identify handwritten digits. Trained on MNIST and A and K handwritten digit sets.